Saturday, October 3, 2015

Morning Cup of Coffee...Grouchy People Make it Hard to Smile in Their Presence

     So many times through life I have been around people who are well, just grouchy all of the time. Everything sets them off. You never know what might make them grumpy, it can be soemthing as simple as a speck of dust on a lens. When you say sometthing to them about being grouchy they just tell you that they don't mean it toward you. However what they do not realize is that, even though their grouchiness it is not aimed toward you, you are the one who gets to hear and see the tirade, so it bothers you. People really need to stop and realize that we all struggle and we all have problems. It is much easier to deal with those problems if you smile. If someone is always grouchy around you it makes it so hard to keep smiling. 

     Life is hard enough, people being grouchy all the time makes it even harder. Everyone has struggles and life can be rough, but being grouchy to others and walking around with a chip on your shoulder all the time does not help you at all and makes you the walking on egg shell kind of person...that person who everyone feels the need to walk on eggshells when around because they are always in such a bad mood in which has many triggers and well, no one knows what those triggers will be. Life is much easier if people are not grouches all the time.

     So my morning thought is a pleasant person to be around, not a grump.