Sunday, January 10, 2016

Disney Rudeness Makes For Neat Shot

     I was not sure where to put this post but decided this miscellaneous thoughts blog would be the best place since this is where I posted the picture of which I speak.

    I complain a lot when at Disneyland about the rude people who put their kids on their heads during shows. They seem to think that their kids make a good window, they think that those behind them can see through their kids. That is how it seems. We've been stuck behind some of these rude people many times. 

     One time while we were trying to watch Fantasmic the people in front of us put their kids on their shoulders. We asked them to put them down or hold them at eye level. The people got mad and said that their kids wanted to see the show, for some reason they thought we didn't want to see the show. Go figure, we waited in line to watch, stood there, paid our entrance to the park but didn't' really want to see the show. People are very thoughtless sometimes. We ended up leaving because there was no point to stay and watch the back of a child's head.

     Another time while trying to watch The World of Color a man put his child on his shoulders. We asked him to please put the child down and he apologized and did. He said he wasn't thinking. Others kept theirs up but he was thoughtful and considerate.

     I must say though that there is one time, and one time only that this rude behavior was beneficial. That time is in the shot I used for this blog. The way the children are holding their arms is like they are making a tribute to the beautiful World of Color. So for in this one shot, rude behavior was a positive thing.