Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Facebook Relationships, Real or Memorex?

     There used to be this saying when I was younger, actually it was a commercial for Memorex video tapes. The commercial showed someone talking and then it would show someone talking on TV, the same person, saying the same things. Then they would mention how you could not tell if it was real or Memorex. It meant that the Memorex copy was so clear that it was hard to distinguish it from the real person talking. So, when I think of something that seems to be real but might not be I like to use that saying, "is it real or Memorex?" simply asking if it is true or false...get it? 

     Facebook makes me wonder much of the time whether they are real or Memorex. I often see these posts of a perfect life on sociail media and I wonder if the people really have these rose garden type of lives. Their kids are always perfect, the husband or wife is always perfect and well, life is perfect. Then you see the person in real life and things are not quite as they seem. Of course we never know what goes on behind closed doors but still you wonder if anything can be that peachy keen.  I believe in every world a little rain must fall. I just find it hard to believe things are so perfect all the time. 

    Then there are the doom and gloom posts. The ones where nothing in life is ever good. It is so dismal and dreary. Funny thing is that many times the doom and gloom comes from the same people the very next day so, again is it real or not? 

    I really don't think most people are truly themselves on social media. It is a place where folks can vent, rant and be who they want to be with the perfect life we all wish we had.  I would like to think that those perfect posts are for real but I always wonder if it is real or Memorex?

     Disclaimer: This blog was not intended to hurt anyone, it was not written with anyone in mind. It was written partly for fun and partly because these are things I do wonder about from time to time.


  1. I think I'm myself in whatever I write, but I try not to overshare personal details.

  2. I also wonder about this. Considering that we can be anything we like online it would be fair to say that some people (we have no way of knowing how many) do exaggerate some things about their lives (or downright lie!) when online, but following these people for a while usually gives one a sense of ''something's not right here''. We must choose or online connections carefully and not reveal too many personal facts about ourselves.

  3. What you see is what you get from me. I do not hide who I am or try to re-invent me. I know some people do.

  4. I try to be myself too Sandy. Sometimes a bit too much myself lol